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Role: Lead Producer - Visuals, execution.

Official closing party for the 2018 Mayworks Festival for Working People and the Arts: Toronto, featuring a remount of the Superbutch band performing inside of a life-sized, audience controlled jukebox.

Musicians: Dinah Thorpe, Oriana Barbato, Lynette Gillis and Jordan B. Wright
Jukebox Performer: Coco La Creme @princesslosuperstar
Production Designer: Puff Paddy @paddy_leung

Custom Cookies: @Munchemunch

Participatory Mural: Lee D'Angelo @Lee__dangelo
DJ: Lulu Wei @llcoolwei
Poster Artist: Amanda DiGenova @amandadigenova
Photographer: Connie Tsang @conniemtsang
Venue: the Garrison

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