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Role: Co-Producer, Lead: Visuals, execution.

Academic panel, fashion show and afterparty celebrating butch + transmasculine identity; past and present. Event served as official closing party for Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts: Toronto, 2016 (sold out)

SunSun Creative (TO) @sunsunbeats
AllJackedUp (TO)
Kirrin Finch (NYC) @Kirrinfinch
THÚY Custom Clothier (San Francisco) @thuycustomclothier
Nik Kacy Footwear (LA) @nikkacyfootwear

Moderated by Michele Pearson Clarke, with Dinah Thorpe, Kathryn Payne, Tee Fergus, Reese Simpkins and Thúy Nguyen

Photography Installation: Janet Kimber @kimberphotog

Musician: Dinah Thorpe @dinah.thorpe

Dancer: Rayvn Wngz @Ravynwngz
Production Designer: Kalpna Patel @ghostfaceknitta
DJ: Cozmic Cat @cozmiccatofficial
Venue: The Great Hall

Co-Produced with Dinah Thorpe, Jack Jackson & Zoe Newman.

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